Dayspring Farm Is Not A "Factory Farm"

Our ducks are kept in humane conditions, most have names, after ending their laying cycle will stay on as, "helpers" and companions.

At Farm Fresh Duck, our duck eggs are available year round. Many people allergic to chicken eggs can often use duck eggs instead we suggest you consult your doctor before using duck eggs.Many people like them for baking and pastries.

Our ducks eggs come from happy, healthy ducks. Every morning they take their daily walk. At night they march back to the barn where they will sleep safe and sound.
We take great pride in our duck eggs and feel we are one of the best online sources, providing duck eggs for eating all year-round.

Fertile Duck Eggs For Hatching

Experience the joy of hatching your own chicks with these fertile eggs. Currently we have Black Indian Runner eggs ready for your incubator. $2.50 per egg. All eggs are laid the day you pick them up, or the day before. They should be set immediately.

As incubation times vary due to the incubator temperature. if you plan to use these eggs for a class project, we recommend placing the eggs in the incubator during the middle of the week if you are hatching these in a classroom. This way you are sure they will be hatching during the week and not over the weekend.

The Worlds Best Omlette

We may be a bit prejudice but we think The Alchemy's omelet made with our Farm Fresh duck eggs is the best omelet in the world. Try it at the Alchemy Restaurant 1011 W 36th St. Balto.

Baking With Duck Eggs

Both of the cakes above were made from simple box mixes, the only difference was duck eggs were used instead of chicken eggs.

Duck eggs are similar in many ways to chicken eggs but are almost always free range.The yolks vary in their golden orange color with the season and the feed used. They are
invariably larger.  Raw duck yolks are thick, rich, and custardy.

Many pastry chefs feel that because of that the duck eggs are superior when making cream and custard fillings. They tend to be a bit higher in albumen and fat than chicken eggs as well.

Baked goods have a richer texture, stay moist longer, and rise higher than you ever imagined.